LGBT acceptance to be stressed by White Party Manila 2013

The White Party Manila 2013 is slated to take place at Julio Nakpil corner Ma. Orosa Street in Malate in the City of Manila on June 29, eyeing to stress the continuing need to push for equal rights, even as it also hopes to celebrate the feats won by the LGBT community in the Philippines.

According to Jeff Klein, communications and public relations officer of White Party Manila 2013, “while it is true that majority of Filipinos are now embracing and are gradually becoming passive about homosexuality, it is also true that majority are still unable to accept the very core of LGBT’s existence,” he said. As such, “the driving force for this year will be ‘acceptance’.”
With this push for acceptance, therefore, “what makes (this year’s event) unique from the past years’ White Party is its attempt to reach out not only to the LGBT community we are catering to, but also the majority of the populace, heterosexuals included. We believe that engagement outside the community is a potent force for educating them about gender and equality,” Klein said.
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