Culture vs. Cultured

Have you ever asked your boss for a raise?

Have you ever told someone you deserve a promotion?

Have you ever talked to your business' higher officers about how you feel on company policies?

If you haven't asked these questions yourself, congratulations! You are not alone!

Majority of Filipino workers would never dare asked those questions. Simply put, it's like a royal protocol amongst Filipinos that only a few brave hearts could break.

In a culture thats based on church values and curriculum that teaches students to be good employees (not good entrepreneur), most workers are simply waiting for their turn and do as they're told.

From a cultural perspective, it is rude to ask your boss a salary increase or a promotion. It's either you're over confident about yourself or you are being "mayabang".

However, you have two chances at getting a YES on these questions. First, you've done an extremely good job. And second, if your boss is not a Filipino.

Every company in the world has a streamlined organizational chart. This gives their employees the proper and the right person for reporting mechanisms. While most companies are into "open door policy" these days, the very same hierarchal stigma is still observed.

Picture this.

You have a significant deduction on your paycheck and you're filing a dispute. You talked to your Supervisor then your Supervisor talked to her Manager. The Manager then forwarded your concern to Finance and a Finance Attendant is attending your concern. However, you still can't get the money because they need the Finance Officers approval.

And before you know it, you're already pissed with the delays that you've decided to wait for another paycheck.

Going back, imagine if you can go directly to your Finance department and file that dispute yourself? Less time, less hassle and less people bothered.

Isn't it counterproductive?

Again, you only have two chances at getting your dispute right away.

It's either you know someone from Finance or your bosses are not Filipinos.

Is it about culture or cultured?

You bet!

Jeff Klein

Is an Operations Executive, freelance Training Professional, Events Manager, Marketing Executive, LGBT Rights Advocate and blogger from Manila, Philippines. He stops counting his age when he was 20 years old which makes him a 20 something blogger. With coffee running through his veins, he enthusiastically battles each day, 1 post at a time. Blogging nonsense stuffs since 2006 and continues to do so inspite of discrimination, economic turmoil, political chaos and natural disaster! Mga nasa ganoong peg. Harinawa!