URGENT! An Open Letter to GMA7, TAPE and EAT BULAGA!

[Update: As of June 23, 2011, the management of Eat Bulaga headed by Malou Choa-Fagar (Sr. VP & C.O.O.) sent a letter to July Tan expressing their sincere apology for the incident. The letter also stressed that "(in) keeping with our promise to MTRCB to diligently practice self regulation, we would like to assure you that we will be more vigilant of the spiels and remarks of our hosts on the program."]


I have been an avid fan of your network ever since. The wide array of informative television programs, news and current affairs and Prime Time Programs have been part of my daily schedule. If I cannot catch it on TV, I go online to search for full episodes. It has always been both a pleasure and entertaining to watch your programs. However, yesterday on Eat Bulaga's Sugod Bahay Gang portion, I was irked by Jose's comment on the call center job when he was giving his statement to the son of the chosen winner of the segment. "Baka sa call center lang ang bagsak mo niyan". It was for me an irresponsible and an unjust comment on national TV. I have been in the industry after my graduation and never practiced my bachelor's degree.The call center industry has brought me into where I am now. This is NOT just a work but a career. This industry is not a fallback for all those who cannot find their jobs on their chosen field. This industry is NOT for everyone who has been challenged in finding a job. Not everyone can be a call center professional and certainly not all who is able to speak English can be hired. The industry needs skillful workers, dynamic and enthusiastic approach towards working in a very stressful environment and NOT all who aspire to be in this industry can be chosen and get hired.

The statement is damaging and gave negative impression to a highly reputable and one of the highest revenue generating industry in the country. Be it known that this industry had helped a lot of Filipino's land a career and climbed up the corporate ladder as leaders and top executives. This industry is not just a "LANG". It has pioneered innovations in every aspect of customer service you can imagine. It has brought the Philippines to be known in the world as the top chosen destination of large multinational companies for their outsourcing needs. Thus said, I believe the Philippine TV Programming should be at ALL COSTS sensitive to whatever statement they will be giving especially to industries that plays a great part in shaping the Philippine economy. I strongly condemned the statement that was uttered. Whatever reason Jose has for such a debase comment must NOT be TOLERATED by the management and GMA Network.

I will look forward to any action regarding this legitimate concern.


July Tan

Jeff Klein

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