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LGBT Ideas

Share your wildest aspirations for the LGBT community. I am a fairy. Go! Make a wish!

Share your Stories

Share your experience! It's time we make our voices heard and memorable experiences shared!

Let's Touch Lives

Let me know how I can help you. Together, we can build a community that's LGBT friendly!

LGBT Highlights

I cover LGBT events and sometimes part of its conception. Let me know! I have it covered!

Our Latest Headline

What I Think

Tolerance is bullshit.The LGBT community wants acceptance!
Be yourself! Dont be afraid of what people might think of you. At the end of the day, it's you you live your life not them!
It's when you respect yourself despite being labeled third sex. Afterall, we are one heck lucky bitches to have known what gender identity and what sexual orientation is. Pity those who are dumb!
Wear your pride. Set shame aside. Being LGBT wont make you a lesser person. But will make you a failure should you not embrace the value of your existence!

From the Diary

Our Vision

I dreamt of a community where homophobes are only a thing of a past. Where discrimination is a serious offense. Where every L G B T can move freely. Where every LGBT member and allies lives harmoniously! But it's easier said than done. Thus, we have our four agenda:

1. Create Pride Councils on every municipality and city

2. Reach out to every LGBT community

3. Assist community in pushing for Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

4. Anti-Discrimination Bill be signed into LAW!