QC PRIDE MARCH. EQUALITY! Walang Labis, Walang Kulang.

The 2014 QC PRIDE MARCH Equality Video.

A message of Equality featuring LGBT Members, LGBT advocates, allies and supporters.

IDAHOT 2014 Celebrated in Quezon City

Spearheaded by the Association of Transgenders in the Philippines (ATP) and Transman Pilipinas (TMP), the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia 2014 was successfully celebrated at the Quezon City Memorial Circle last May 18, 2014.

The celebration kicked off with a Parade of Beauties through a Trans-sacruzan. More than 30 Transpinay with their Transpinoy escorts participated in the event that celebrates freedom and inculcate awareness to the people.

The event was graced by Geena Rocero, founder of Gender Proud, and was participated in by major LGBT organizations in the country.

This years' IDAHOT celebration was made possible through the efforts of Dindi Tan along with the aid of the Office of the Vice Mayor, Quezon City Pride Council and Mayor Herbert Bautista.

It's Official! Sebastian Castro & Ryan Chua defies Philippine gravity

Sebastian Castro, the Bubble God, whose music video Bubbles and Theban became viral on youtube has recently posted this photo confirming his relationship with ABS-CBN reporter Ryan Chua.

Ryan Chua, on his instagram post also confirms photos of him and the Bubble God, in a seemingly sweet and adorable way.

Ryan also posted this on his facebook account and generated many words of congratulations.

The two met in June 2013 when Sebastian auctioned his paintings and artworks in one of the bars in Bonifacio Global City.

While the relationship has been well received by the LGBT community, haters and homophobes are on the move somehow.

To you both, Congratulations!

Short Story - How I met your brother

The table was full of rubbish.

Talks from almost all corners are inaudible. Smokes are everywhere and coffee that goes along with it are now empty.

how-to-draw-holding-hands-for-kids_1_000000009330_5The meeting has commence. Everyone was silent.

I have to bring out the agenda to put everything in order. It was a call for caucus. The Marketing, Promotions and Public Relations team was present.

So much has to be discussed. So much to talk about.

The exchange of ideas lasted until midnight. But it was way too productive. The meeting went well as planned however, the awkward feeling that someone was looking at you is extremely uncomfortable. Too much of an inconvenience when he was sitting right infront of you. But the agenda goes on…

Nothing personal transpired that very same moment when the meeting was adjourned in exchange for some bottles of cold beer nearby, until something unplanned happened. Nabuntis ako.. choss!

Lumabas kaming lahat para mag-isang bote ng beer at least. The guy’s still guarding like an overprotected swiss guard over the pope and the fun continued. He started hitting on me, I assume. Or perhaps too friendly I thought. There were rubbing of hands but it wasn’t dreadful. No malice attached. I don’t talk to stranger, yes, but I wanted to keep the relationship between a team member solid.

The night went morning. The producer was kind enough to offer me a room in his hotel. I obliged. With beer running through my veins it would be arduous for me to heed home this wee hour. I had to drag my other team member to keep me company. And he offered to send us to the hotel.

To make the story short, we ended up sleeping in one king size bed.

He was sweet, caring and huggable. But still too much has to be guarded. He might think am no dalagang pilipina. My values keep me sane and sleeping was the goal.

Nothing happened.

We part ways the next morning after coffee but he promised to keep the line of communication open.

To be continued.

Baila D' Ritmo Album 2, soon to be released.

Based on the demands and extreme popularity of Baila D' Ritmo Album released last September 2013, Geisha Studios will be releasing an Album 2 of a compilation that made DanceSport enthusiast jive to the beat. Baila D' Ritmo Album 2 will showcase the latest remixes from Milos and Watazu which will include music from Justin M of Italy and DJ Paki from Australia. 

Baila D' Ritmo was a compilation of popular dancesport remixes through the collaboration of Watazu from the Philippines and Milos from Montenegro. Shortly after its release, online downloads rose from 12 to 1200 in a 3day free download.

The Album gained favorable accolades and responses from Latin DanceSport enthusiasts in as far as Europe and Australia and was being played in major competitions in countries like Bulgaria and Russia. 

The carrier single Baila Pa Mi has been played several times in major competitions in Europe. 

Hooza Hoo, another track from Baila D' Ritmo was also used recently at the Romanian National Championship.

Kuts'k Bonte (Samba), Mi Mi Mi (ChaCha) and El Musado (Samba) also from the Baila D' Ritmo Album 1 was also featured at the Bulgaria DanceSport 2013.

Baila D' Ritmo Album 2 launching will be announced very soon exclusively from Geisha Diaries.

Trippers Philippines Annual Awards 2014, a night of epic proportion!

Garbed in black tuxedos and elegant gowns, Trippers Philippines held its 2014 Annual Awards in a red carpet gala held at 'the place that turns you on', Vizio Bar in Tomas Morato last March 29.

The event was attended by distinguished guests from Quezon City Pride Council and other big names in the LGBT scene.

The evening commenced with their Monthly awarding headed by the President, Rico Suave and followed by their most awaited awards night.

The Awards Night was sponsored by Flawless, Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio, Barista Choi Coffee, Quezon City Pride Council, Transpinay of Antipolo, Mayor Herbert Bautista of Quezon City and musical scoring by Geisha Studios.

The evening also commemorates Trippers Philippines' 9th foundation anniversary. The event was hosted by Kboi Bernardo and Tyra Sytangco and was Directed by Jeff Klein.

For Photo Gallery Visit their Facebook Page.

About Trippers Philippines

Security Exchange Commission (SEC)
Reg. no; Cn201121663
Company TIN 008179138
Date approved: Dec. 12, 2011

"Trippers Philippines" was founded in Cavite around 2005. We started as a humble clan of men converging from an MSM website and grew in numbers as we count our members in mileage since then. Trippers Philippines is the ONLY LGBT oriented organization in the Philippines duly registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC).

A group that focuses more on human development and empowerment, Trippers Philippines evolved from a simple clan of passionate men into a dynamic organization that cares for the community. With over a thousand members in more than 25 cities and provinces, Trippers Philippines continues to inspire people within the community to talk less and care more.

Headed by its President - RICO/AsianHunk, the organization was brave enough to take on several challenges and is now on its 9th year serving the community. Our members are composed are composed of diverse selected class of professionals from the LGBT community that honed Trippers to become the premier organization it is now in the Philippines.

The Vision
To be at the forefront of molding and empowering competitive individuals who would lead and excel not only in their respective fields but also as part of the LGBT community in Philippine Society.

The Mission
For our members to inculcate and imbibe the values of being Professional, Pioneering and Proactive and for everyone to realize their higher role in society as catalysts for social change.

The Action
To consistently provide venues for learning and development for all of our members. In line with this, it is also our duty to partake in nation-building through activities and programs that would benefit our community.